[pre order available now...]Human Capital Managment Systems, Analytics and Data Mining : A Technical Guide for Human Capital Practicioners and Analysts with Pay Equity and Job Mobility Research Based on Jobs of Comparable Worth

Includes the Most Comprehensive Gender Based Pay Equity Research
in over 40 Years.

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In-Depth HCM Analytics and Data Mining that includes Groung Breaking Gender Based Pay Equity and Occupational Mobility Research based on Comparable Worth Analysis.

New Revolutionary Findings dispel several Pay Gap Myths and reveal the true facts behind Occupational Based Gender Pay Differences.

This book effectively bridges the gap between the Human Capital Management Professional and the Data Scientist. It fills a large void with respect to Human Capital Systems, Analytics and Data Mining.

Human Capital Systems, Analytics, and Data Mining provides human capital professionals, researchers, and students with a comprehensive and portable guide to human capital systems, analytics and data mining. The main purpose of this book is to provide a rich tool set of methods and tutorials for Human Capital Management Systems (HCMS) database modeling, analytics, interactive dashboards, and data mining that is independent of any human capital software vendor offerings and is equally usable and portable among both commercial and internally developed HCMS.

The book begins with an overview of HCMS, including coverage of human resource systems history and current HCMS Computing Environments. It next explores relational and dimensional database management concepts and principles. HCMS Instructional databases developed by the Author for use in Graduate Level HCMS and Compensation Courses are used for database modeling and dashboard design exercises.

Exciting knowledge discovery and research Tutorials and Exercises using Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) and data mining tools through replication of actual original pay equity research by the author are included. New findings concerning Gender Based Pay Equity Research through the lens Comparable Worth and Occupational Mobility are covered extensively in Human Capital Metrics, Analytics and Data Mining Chapters.

Published August 22, 2018 - CRC Taylor and Francis. ISBN-978-1-4987-6478-0

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