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CompGeo Online Occupation Guide 

By using the CompGeo Online Occupation Group Guide selection above, CompGeo Online Benchmark Titles can be viewed for each Career Pay Occupation Group by Job Family along with links to CompGeo Benchmark Job Descriptions. Once the CompGeo Online Occupation Group(s) of interest are determined CompGeo Online Standard or Professional Salary Research options may be more quickly targeted.

Over a half million Salary Survey Results covering thousands of CompGeo Benchmark Job Classifications across 632 Survey Locations are included in the CompGeo Database. At present, this represents coverage of over 43,423,000 employees in 23 surveyed Occupation Groups.

Not all jobs are present in every location nor are all Industry/Sector breakouts available for each Survey Benchmark Job. Larger metropolitan areas may have almost every Salary Survey Benchmark Job while locations that are much smaller in size may only have a few.

All CompGeo Salary and Compensation information is based upon professionally conducted salary survey research with controls for sampling error. Salary survey results not meeting acceptable sampling confidence levels are not included in the CompGeo Salary and Compensation Research Database. As a result, only salary survey results with the lowest sampling error available are present in the CompGeo Salary and Compensation Database. This makes CompGeo Online the most extensive and reliable Salary and Compensation Survey Research Facility.

Please also refer to the Management/Executive Occupation Group for applicable CompGeo Executive, Management and Supervisory Salary Survey Benchmarks.

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