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Manufacturing Occupation Group


All Job Families and Job Levels for an entire Occupation Group where found in a selected Region are included in all CompGeo Pro Salary Forecast Library Access Systems. CompGeo Manufacturing Occupation Group Salary Survey Benchmark Job and Competency Descriptions are available.

Aircraft Manufacturing Job Family
  • Aircraft Structure/Rigging and Systems Assemblers

Machinist Job Family
  • Tool and Die Makers
  • Machinist - All Levels Combined
Manufacturing Job Family
  • Inspectors/Testers/Sorters/Samplers and Weighers
  • Engine and Other Machine Assemblers
  • Structural Metal Fabricators and Fitters
  • Fiberglass Laminators and Fabricators
  • Team Assemblers
  • Timing Device Assemblers, Adjusters and Calibrators
  • Computer Controlled Machine Tool Operators, Metal/Plastic
  • Forging Machine Setters, Operators and Tenders
  • Rolling Machine Setters, Operators and Tenders
  • Cutting/Punching/Press Mach Setrs/Opers/Tndrs Metal/Plastic
  • Metal-Refining Furnace Operators and Tenders
  • Modelmakers, Metal and Plastic
  • Patternmakers, Metal and Plastic
  • Molding/Coremaking/Casting Mach Strs Ops Tndrs Metal Plastic
  • Multiple Machine Tool Setters Opers Tndrs Metal and Plastic
  • Welders, Cutters, Solderers and Brazers
  • Welding, Soldering and Brazing Machine Operators and Tenders
  • Heat Treating Equip Setters Operators Tenders Metal Plastic
  • Plating and Coating Mach Setters Operators Metal and Plastic
  • Tool Grinders, Filers and Sharpeners
  • Crushing, Grinding, Polishing Machine Operators and Tenders
  • Mixing and Blending Machine Setters, Operators and Tenders
  • Furnace, Kiln, Oven Drier and Kettle Operators and Tenders
  • Jewelers and Precious Stone and Metal Workers
  • Coating, Painting and Spraying Mach Setters Set-Up Operators
  • Semiconductor Processors
  • Cleaning, Washing and Metal Pickling Equip Operators Tenders
  • Cooling and Freezing Equipment Operators and Tenders
  • Helpers-Production Workers
  • Inspectors, Testers, and Graders, Precision
  • Production Inspctrs/Tstrs/Graders/Srtrs-All Levels Combined
  • Inspectors, Testers, and Related Workers, All Other
  • Millwrights
  • Instrument Repairers, Precision
  • Instrument Makers, Precision
  • Pattern and Model Makers, Metal
  • Lay-Out Workers, Metal, Precision
  • Boilermakers
  • Metal Workers, Precision All Others NEC Combined
  • Foundry Mold and Coremakers, Precision
  • Molders, Shapers, Casters, Except Metal and Plastic
  • Patternmakers/Model Makers/Cutters, Precision
  • Detail Design Decorators and Painters, Precision
  • Optical Goods Workers, Precision
  • Precision Workers, All Others NEC Combined
  • Lathe/Turning Machine Tool Operators Metal/Plastic
  • Drilling/Boring Machine Tool Setters Metal/Plastic
  • Milling/Planing Machine Operators, Metal/Plastic
  • Machine Tool Cutting Operators, Metal/Plastic
  • Press/Press-Brake Machine Operators, Metal/Plastic
  • Extruding/Drawing Machine Setters Metal and Plastic
  • Machine Forming Operators and Tenders, Metal/Plastic
  • Welding Machine Setters and Set-Up Operators
  • Welding Machine Operators and Tenders
  • Soldering and Brazing Machine Operators and Tenders
  • Metal Fabricators, Structural Metal Products
  • Foundry Mold Assembly and Shake-Out Workers
  • Electrolytic Plating Machine Operators-Metal/Plastic
  • Heaters, Metal and Plastic
  • Metal/Plastic Fabricating/Processing/Machine Operatrs
  • Extruding/Forming Machine Operators Synthetic Fibers
  • Shoe Sewing Machine Operators and Tenders
  • Tire Building Machine Operators
  • Paper Goods Machine Setters and Set-Up Operators
  • Cooking Machine Operators
  • Boiler Operators and Tenders, Low Pressure
  • Cooling and Freezing Equipment Operators and Tenders
  • Cutting and Slicing Machine Setters, Operators and Tenders
  • Cementing and Gluing Machine Operators and Tenders
  • Extruding/Forming/Pressing Machine Operators
  • Packaging and Filling Machine Operators and Tenders
  • Machine Setters and Set-Up Operators, All Other
  • Machine Operators and Tenders, All Others NEC Combined
  • Fitters, Structural Metal, Precision
  • Watch/Clock/Chronometer Assemblers/Adjusters
  • Assemblers, Precision All Others NEC Combined
  • Machine Assemblers
  • Glaziers, Manufacturing
  • Welders and Cutters
  • Solderers and Brazers
  • Portable Machine Cutters
  • Metal Pourers and Casters, Basic Shapes
  • Molders and Casters, Hand
  • Painting, Coating, and Decorating Workers, Hand
  • Grinding and Polishing Workers, Hand
  • Assemblers/Fabricators-Except Precision
  • Hand Workers, All Others NEC Combined
  • Plant and System Operators
  • Conveyor Operators and Tenders
  • Pump Operators
  • Machine Feeders and Offbearers
  • Hand Packers and Packagers
Manufacturing/Chemical Job Family
  • Chemical Equipment Operators and Tenders
  • Chemical Equipment Controllers and Operators
  • Chemical Equipment Tenders
  • Chemical Plant and System Operators
Manufacturing/Electronics Job Family
  • Electronic Equipment Mechanics/Installers
  • Electronic Semiconductor Processors
  • Electromechanical Equipment Assemblers, Precision
  • Electronic Equipment Assemblers, Precision
  • Electrical and Electronic Assemblers
  • Coil Winders, Tapers, and Finishers
Manufacturing/Foods Job Family
  • Separating/Filtering/Clarifying/Precipating Operator Tender
  • Bakers, Manufacturing
  • Food Batchmakers
  • Food and Tobacco Workers, Precision All Others NEC Combined
  • Food Cooking Machine Operators and Tenders
  • Cannery Workers
Manufacturing/Petroleum Job Family
  • Petroleum Pump System Operators
  • Petroleum Refinery and Control Panel Operators
Manufacturing/Wood/Furniture Job Family
  • Model Makers, Wood
  • Patternmakers, Wood
  • Woodworking Machine Setters, Operators and Tenders
  • Pattern and Model Makers, Wood
  • Pattern Markers, Wood
  • Furniture Finishers
  • Woodworkers, Precision All Others NEC Combined
  • Sawing Machine Setters and Set-Up Operators
  • Head Sawyers
  • Sawing Machine Operators and Tenders
  • Woodworking Machine Setters
  • Woodworking Machine Operators
Quality Assurance Job Family
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Supervisor
  • Quality Assurance Technician
Textile/Apparel/Furnishings Job Family
  • Sewing Machine Operators
  • Textile Cutting Machine Setters, Operators and Tenders
  • Textile Knitting/Weaving Machine Setters Operators Tenders
  • Textile Winding Twisting Drawing Machine Setrs Opers Tndrs
  • Fabric and Apparel Patternmakers and Lay-Out Workers
  • Textile Machine Setters and Set-Up Operators
  • Textile Machine Operators/Tenders
  • Textile Draw-Out Machine Operators and Tenders
  • Textile Bleaching/Dyeing Machine Operators
  • Sewing Machine Operators, Garment
  • Sewing Machine Operators, Nongarment
  • Pressing Machine Operators Textile/Garment
  • Pressers, Hand
  • Sewers, Hand
  • Cutters and Trimmers, Hand
  • Carpet Cutters, Diagrammers, and Seamers

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