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Elementary, Secondary and Post Secondary Education Occupation Group


All Job Families and Job Levels for an entire Occupation Group where found in a selected Region are included in CompGeo Online Pro Occupation Group and Industry/Sector Reports and all CompGeo Pro Salary Forecast Library Access Systems. CompGeo Elementary, Secondary and Post Secondary Education Occupation Group Salary Survey Benchmark Job and Competency Descriptions are available.

Counseling - Education Job Family
  • Farm and Home Management Advisors
  • Vocational and Educational Counselors
  • Residential Advisers

Education Administration Job Family
  • Education Administrator, Preschool
  • Education Administrators, Elementary and Secondary
  • Education Administrators, Post Secondary

Instructor, K-12 Job Family
  • Middle School Teachers, Except Spec Ed and Voc Ed
  • Vocational Education Teachers, Middle School
  • Vocational Education Teachers, Secondary School
  • Teachers, Special Educ Preschool/Kindergarten/Elementary
  • Teachers, Special Education Middle School
  • Teachers, Special Education Secondary School
  • Teachers, Remedial Education GED
  • Teachers, Preschool
  • Teachers, Kindergarten
  • Teachers, Elementary School
  • Teachers, Secondary School - All Levels
  • Teachers, Special Education - All Levels Combined

Instructor, Post Secondary Job Family
  • Biological Science Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Forestry and Conservation Science Teachers
  • Atmospheric/Earth/Marine/Space Sci Teachers PostSecondary
  • Environmental Science Teachers, PostSecondary
  • Area/Ethnic/Cultural Studies Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Sociology Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Health Specialties Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Recreation and Fitness Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Lecturers
  • Nursing Instructors, Postsecondary
  • Graduate Assistants, Teaching
  • Agricultural Sciences Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Life Sciences Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Chemistry Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Physics Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Physical Sciences Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Health Diagnostics Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Health Assessment/Treatment Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Communications Teachers, Postsecondary
  • English Language Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Foreign Language Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Art, Drama, and Music Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Engineering Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Architecture Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Mathematical Sciences Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Computer Science Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Anthropology and Sociology Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Cultural Studies Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Economics Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Geography Teachers, Postsecondary
  • History Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Political Science Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Psychology Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Social Science Teachers, Postsecndry-All Others NEC Combined
  • Business Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Law Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Criminal Justice Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Social Work Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Education Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Philosophy and Religion Teachers,Postsecondary
  • Library Science Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Parks/Recreation/Fitness Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Home Economics Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Postsecondary Teachers, All Others NEC Combined

Instructors, Other Job Family
  • Teachers and Instructors, Vocational Education
  • Instructors, Nonvocational Education
  • Instructors and Coaches, Sports and Physical Training
  • Teachers and Instructors, All Others NEC Combined
  • Instructional Coordinators
  • Teacher Aide - All Levels Combined
  • Teacher Aides and Educational Assistants, Clerical

Library Job Family
  • Librarians, Professional
  • Technical Assistants, Library
  • Library Assistants, Clerical
  • Library Assistants and Bookmobile Drivers

Multi Media - Education Job Family
  • Audio-Visual Specialists

Museum Job Family
  • Curators/Archivists/Museum Technicians/Conservators

Please also refer to the Management/Executive Occupation Group for additional CompGeo Executive, Management and Supervisory Salary Survey Benchmarks. For CompGeo Elementary, Secondary and Post Secondary Education Occupation Group Salary Survey Benchmark Job Descriptions Click Here.

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