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Art, Design, Drama and Musician Occupation Group


All Administrative Office, Clerical and Secretarial Job Families and Job Levels for an entire Occupation Group where found in a selected Region are included in all CompGeo Pro Salary Forecast Library Access Systems. For CompGeo Administrative Office, Clerical and Secretarial Salary Survey Benchmark Salary Survey Benchmark Job and Competency Descriptions are available..

Artists Job Family
  • Billing, Posting, and Calculating Machine Operators
  • Clerical and Administrative Support Workers, All Other
  • Correspondence Clerks
  • Directory Assistance Operators
  • Duplicating Machine Operators
  • File Clerks
  • General Office Clerks
  • Interviewing Clerks, Except Personnel/Social Welfare
  • Investigators/Adjustors - Clerical Non Insurance
  • Investigators/Adustors - Clerical, Non Insurance
  • License Clerks
  • Mail Clerks, Except Machine Operators/Postal Service
  • Mail Machine Operators, Preparation and Handling
  • Messengers
  • Municipal Clerks
  • Office Machine Operators, All Others NEC Combined
  • Order Clerks, Materials, Merchandise, and Service
  • Production, Planning, and Expediting Clerks
  • Receptionist I
  • Receptionist II
  • Receptionist III
  • Receptionists and Information Clerks
  • Statistical Clerks
  • Switchboard Operator/Receptionist
  • Switchboard Operators
  • Telegraph and Teletype Operators
  • Typists, Including Word Processing
Data Entry Job Family
  • Data Entry Keyers, Except Composing
  • Data Entry Operator I (Entry)
  • Data Entry Operator II (Fully Qualified)
  • Data Entry Opr-All Levels Combined
  • Data Keyers, Composing
General Clerk Job Family
  • General Clerk I (Entry)
  • General Clerk II (Junior)
  • General Clerk III (Fully Qualified)
  • General Clerk IV (Senior/Advanced)
  • General Clerk V (Lead)
  • General Clerks-All Levels Combined
  • Marking Clerks
Order Clerk Job Famil
  • Order Clerk I (Entry)
  • Order Clerk II (Fully Qualified)
  • Order Clerk-All Levels Combined
Secretarial Job Family
  • Executive Secretaries and Administrative Assistants - All Levels Combined
  • Legal Secretaries
  • Medical Secretaries
  • Secretaries, Except Legal and Medical
  • Secretary/Admin Asst V (Office Supervisor/Executive Asst)
  • Secretary/Administrative Assistant - All Levels Combined
  • Secretary/Administrative Assistant I Level A (Entry Level 1)
  • Secretary/Administrative Assistant I Level B (Junior)
  • Secretary/Administrative Assistant II (Fully Qualified)
  • Secretary/Administrative Assistant III (Senior/Advanced)
  • Secretary/Administrative Assistant IV (Lead/Executive)
  • Stenographers and/or Court Reporters
Word Processing Job Family
  • Word Processor I (Entry)
  • Word Processor II (Junior)
  • Word Processor III (Fully Qualified)
  • Word Processor-All Levels Combined

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