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CompGeo Online Professional Total Compensation Forecast Library
24 X 7 Unlimited Online Access Subscription

The CompGeo Online Professional Forecast Library is a Yearly Subscription Service available to Compensation, related Human Resource, Finance, Labor and other Professionals who need unlimited access to a comprehensive Web Based Salary Survey Forecast Library.

National or Regional Edition subscriptions provide 24 x 7 unlimited access to the entire CompGeo Online Salary Survey Forecast Library which covers a projected four year time span.

Thousands of Career Pay Benchmarks are included in over 23 broad Career Pay Occupation Groups. The Library consists of over 2,400 Forecast Reports in optimized Adobe Acrobat PDF Format which are segregated by Occupation Group and State. Direct Pay, Fringe Benefit Costs and Total Compensation Forecasts Now Included For All CompGeo Salary Survey Benchmarks.

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A New Edition of the CompGeo Pro Salary and Compensation Forecast Library Search Agent Software is also now included with CompGeo Professional Forecast Library National or Regional Online Subscriptions that are ordered with the Companion CD Option. On the optional companion CD, the New Edition of the CompGeo Pro Salary Survey Forecast Library Search Agent Software comes complete with the current CompGeo Library database and forecasts(National or Regional based depending upon subscription type) against which reports can be run with narrow or wide Benchmark and associated Job Family wide selection options.

Each CompGeo Online Professional Salary Survey Forecast Report provides Mean and Median Direct Compensation Forecasts for each of four projected years, Competitive Salary Structure including Minimum, First Quartile, Midpoint, Third Quartile and Maximum for the first forecast year, Forecast Aging Factors for each Forecast Date and Incumbent Counts for each Benchmark Job. Report information is sorted by Job Family and Benchmark. Separate Reports are available for each State/Territory/Occupation Group Combination. Salary Survey Report Companion CDs, updated twice yearly are also available with a subscription.

[ComGeo Online Professional Forecast Library Search Agent Software]
CompGeo Pro Search Agent Software

Annual Subscriptions made be requested on either a National or Regional basis to the CompGeo Online 24 X 7 Unlimited Access Professional Forecast Library.

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CompGeo Professional Geographic Salary Survey Differentials Report
CompGeo Professional Geographic Salary Differentials Report covers entire Career Occupation Group(s) with Job Family breakouts across all Salary Survey Areas Nationwide and provides the most comprehensive Geographic Salary Survey Differentials Study available.

This is an affordable, reliable and extremely valuable tool for every Compensation and Human Resource Professional.

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No other Geographic Salary Differential Study packs the Occupational and Job Family specificity as found in the CompGeo Online Professional Geographic Salary Differentials Report.

Other Geographic Salary Differential Reports usually center only on generalized salary survey level differentials without specific regard to Job Family and Occupation Group Differences. Such generalized analysis can lead to significant errors which is avoided in the CompGeo Online Professional Geographic Salary Differentials Report

This is truly a 'must have' Salary Survey report series for all serious Compensation and Human Resource Professionals. Order Now!

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OMF Job and Competency Analysis
An Essential System for compliance with the New California Fair Pay Act.

The OMF Job and Competency Analysis System uses the latest Acrobat Professional v9 Java Based Form Technology and is fully compatible with all systems that support Adobe Acrobat Professional v9 and higher.

The Free Community Edition Release of the OMF Job and Competency Analysis System provides a limited edition which incorporates all basic and extended Job and Competency Analysis Modules for up to two (2) Performance Domains. Features found only in the Professional Edition include Performance Domain Development based upon Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scales along with a Total of five (5) Performance Domain Analytical Areas.

The Free Community Edition Release of the OMF Job and Competency Analysis System is available to all Human Resource, Compensation, Labor Research and Related Professionals and Industrial Psychologists in both the Private and Public Sectors outside of Consulting organizations.

Modern Job and Competency Analysis requires a comprehensive data collection device. The OMF System developed by Clayton Wallis provides an extensive analytical tool which carefully gathers a wealth of job information in tune with the myriad of demands of governmental regulations such as the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures and proven effective Job, Performance and Competency Analysis techniques.

Today, software that "automatically" produces job descriptions is becoming more popular. Use of such "cut and paste job description software" without a comprehensive Job and Competency Analysis Methodology usually results in job descriptions, performance standards and competencies which are unreliable and inaccurate. The consequences associated with inaccurate job descriptions, performance standards and competency references can be extensive.

The OMF System helps to take the guesswork out of job description, performance standard and competency development. The OMF System provides a solid framework for position classification, performance management and all competency based programs. An Essential System for compliance with the New California Fair Pay Act.

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CompExec Total Compensation Planning Software

CompExec® has been built from the ground up to handle analysis of all components of Total Compensation and Salary Planning.

CompExec provides Internal Staff Compensation Program Management and Analysis facilities for all components of Total Compensation, Extensive Salary Survey Analysis Tools, a Market Based Job Evaluation facility, Salary Structure Modeling and Management and much more...

CompExec is now available in five separate editions - Professional, Desktop, Departmental Suite, Departmental Server and Enterprise Server. All Editions include the Occupational Market Factor(OMF) Job Evaluation System, CompBuilder 360 SE, and CompGeo SE software.

[CompExec Total Compensation Planning Software]

New features in CompExec now include new CompGeo Pro Salary Survey Database SE with Expanded Major Occupation Group Coverage, new Analytical CompGeo Report Options and the latest release Of The OMF Market Based Job Evaluation System.

Also inclued in CompExec v6 are improved CompBuilder 360 Structure Modeling options, improved Multi-Session Option(MSO), built-in Simultaneous Update capability(SU), expanded HTML output options for reports and more...

[CompExec New Multi-Session Option]
The new CompExec Multi-Session Option greatly improves product stability by providing separate environment options for resource intensive statistical processing functions and complex table updates with heavy computational processing features.

CompExec Professional and Desktop Editions v6 also include updates to CompGeo SE Salary and Compensation Survey database. CompGeo SE includes a subset of the CompGeo Online Database along with the CompGeo SE Geographic Salary Differential Analysis facility.

The flagship software product of ICT/Clayton Wallis, CompExec® is targeted for use by serious Compensation, Human Resource, Finance Professionals and Consultants with responsibility in analyzing market competitiveness across any combination of Total Compensation Components. 

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CompBuilder 360 Salary Structure Modeling Software
CompBuilder TM, a child product of CompExec, is the most flexible and powerful salary structure modeling facility available today. CompBuilder can handle linear and curvilinear salary structures with ease.

CompBuilder can be used to manage multiple salary structures and position classification plans in simple to complex private or public sector organizations.

Version 6 of CompBuilder is now shipping which includes many new features including HTML Report Format Options. CompBuilder software is available with either research quality or presentation graphics facilities.

[ CompBuilder 360 Salary Structure Software]

The CompExec and CompBuilder 360 Professional Departmental Suite provides a Comprehensive Departmental wide Site License for installation of an unlimited number of copies of CompExec Professional and/or CompBuilder 360 Professional across and entire Compensation or Human Resources Department. Also included in the Suite are Three(3) Two Year Regional Subscriptions to the CompGeo Online Professional 24 X 7 Online Salary Forecast Library - An Outstanding Value!

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