CompGeo Salary Survey Benchmark Job Summary and Competencies

Accountant I Level B (Entry Level 2)

The Benchmark Job Description below represents the specific Position Characteristics of the job used in the Salary Survey. Benchmark Job Descriptions should be inspected carefully to review the degree of matching between an organizations' Job and the Salary Survey Benchmark. Matching internal Jobs to Salary Survey Benchmark Jobs should not be done on Job Title alone. A thorough comparison of Salary Survey Benchmark to Internal Job Descriptions is recommended. A good overlap should exist on any comparisons used on critical Job Dimensions and Competencies.
CompGeo Occupation Group: Finance
Job Family: Accounting
Benchmark Title: Accountant I Level B (Entry Level 2)
Summary Job Description Tasks
General characteristics. As an entry-level accountant, learns to apply the principles, theories, and concepts of accounting to a pecific system. The position is distinguishable from nonprofessional positions by the variety of assignments; rate and scope of development expected; and the existence, implicit or explicit, of a planned training program designed to give the entering accountant practical experience. Works under close supervision of an experienced accountant whose guidance is directed primarily to the development of the trainee's professional ability and to the evaluation of advancement potential. Limits of assignments are clearly defined, methods of procedure are specified, and kinds of items to be noted and referred to supervisor are identified. Performs a variety of accounting tasks such as: examining a variety of financial statements for completeness, internal accuracy, and conformance with uniform accounting classifications or other specific accounting requirements; reconciling reports and financial data with financial statements already on file, and pointing out apparent inconsistencies or errors; carrying out assigned steps in an accounting analysis, such as computing standard ratios; assembling and summarizing accounting literature on a giv en subject; preparing relatively simple financial statements not involving problems of analysis or presentation; and preparing charts, tables, and other exhibitsto be used in reports. In addition, may also perform some nonprofessional tasks for training purposes.
CompGeo Occupation Group: Finance
Job Family: Accounting
Benchmark Title: Accountant I Level B (Entry Level 2)
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