Occupational Market Factor (OMF) Job Evaluation System

Market Based, Legally Defensible Job Evaluation

Both the Professional and Desktop Editions of CompExec include the The Occupational Market Factor (OMF) Job Evaluation System that was developed by ICT/Clayton Wallis.

The OMF Job Evaluation System is the most accurate and legally defensible job evaluation system available. This is due to the fact that the system is market based and is not intended to compare jobs outside of immediate job families.

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Job Evaluation Systems Compared
System Features Occupational Market Factor(OMF) Job Evaulation System Classification Systems
e.g. FCS, FES
Proprietary Point Factor Systems
e.g. Hay, Multicomp, Factorcomp
In-house Developed
Point Factor Systems
Scored Questionnaire
e.g. PAQ, CMQ
Market Driven 'New Pay' Emphasis Yes No No No No
Defensible from Adverse Impact Problems Yes No No No Possibly
Defensible from ADA Problems Yes No No No Sometimes
Defensible from Sex/Race Discrimination Problems Yes No No No Possibly
Eliminates Comparable Worth Problems Yes No No No No
Non Benchmarks handled by flexible Job Family Factor Comparison Method or Direct Survey Analysis Yes No No No No
Developed by Innovator in Compensation Planning and Analytical Software Development Yes No No No No
Wide Range Of
Report Options
Yes No High Cost
If Available
High Cost
If Available
Extra Cost
Integrated with Compensation Planning Software Yes
No High Cost
If Available
Rarely No

The OMF Job Evaluation approach steers clear of comparable worth issues and cross occupational subjective evaluation criteria which are problems with other systems that use traditional point-factor or like designs.

In a classic research paper entitled PAY EQUITY: DID IT WORK? by Margaret Hallock, Professor and Director Labor Education and Research Center, University of Oregon, it was stated that "...scholars have convincingly demonstrated that traditional job evaluation systems are biased towards management jobs and undervalue skills of women, including dealing with people and the demands of emotional labor (Acker 1987; Steinberg 1992). For example, in the Hay system, human relations skill was defined primarily as supervising workers, thus ignoring caregiving skills, and attempts to rectify this omission were overturned by consultants in the job evaluation process..."

In a Hay Job Evaluation Project Professor Hallock found "...While 62% of ... employees worked at jobs evaluated at 250 Hay points or less (primarily non-management, semi-skilled jobs), over 92% of workers in female dominated jobs were in this relatively low range. The gender wage gap was most pronounced for entry level jobs, where female-dominated jobs earned on average 32% less than male-dominated entry-level jobs."

With the OMF Job Evaluation System, assessment of market worth is made within immediate Job Families. An unlimited number of Salary Survey Sources and Data may be associated with benchmark and non benchmark positions within each Job Family.

Prediction of appropriate salary grades or bands for non benchmark Job Classifications can be made either based on OMF RTB Factor Scores related to the Market Worth of the Benchmark.

Survey Results can be utilized for non benchmark Job Classifications when present. In many cases it is useful to compare results from both methods. With the OMF Job Evaluation System included in CompExec, each Job Family can have it's own unique number of Factors and Factor Definitions

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These flexibilities enable any organization to easily and with confidence, establish a new or improved Job Evaluation System that is Market Based and sensitive to Competencies and other important Factors within Job Family Structures.

OMF Job Evaluation System Sample Reports and Graphs are available on the CompExec Web Site.

An extensive overview of the OMF Job Evaluation System and CompExec is included in the Compensation Systems Evaluation(CSE) Pack.

Information on the CSE Pack is included in the downloadable Information and Pricing Booklets for CompExec, CompBuilder and CompGeo.

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Our flagship product, CompExecis targeted for use by Compensation, Human Resource, Finance Professionals and Consultants with responsibility in analyzing market competitiveness across any combination of Total Compensation Components.

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