Salary Structure Modeling and Management Software

CompBuilder 360 is the same powerful and flexible salary structure modeling facility found in CompExec - the flagship Integrated Total Compensation Planning, Management and Analysis system from Clayton Wallis.

CompBuilder 360 can save many hours formerly devoted to building and/or updating salary structures and can help eliminate errors (some of which are very difficult to detect).

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Typically, the CompBuilder 360 pays for itself the first time you use it to model a structure. CompBuilder 360 is the most comprehensive salary structure modeling and management system available today. CompBuilder 360 has been designed for use in both the private and public sectors and can accommodate complex structures and multiple organizations all within the same database.

Organization key fields are included along with date and geographic sensitivity related keys. Multiple salary structures may be uniquely identified for each combination of organizational keys. Unlimited Numbers of Grade/Bands for each structure are further uniquely set by region and date. Structures are dated so that current, historical and future information may be managed. Salary Grades or Bands may be set up for multiple locations when geographic differentiated systems needed.

CompBuilder 360 provides the most advanced tool for Broadbanding projects. Salary Bands may be developed automatically with multiple zones in each band for realistic tracking of market pricing information.

CompBuilder 360 v6.2 includes a number of major enhancements including:

Modeling Based on Internal Scores and Market
Option to Save Regression To An Equation Table
Recall Saved Equations
Independent Equation Table Updating
View and Print of Detailed Regression Statistics
Improved Memory Management
HTML Report Format Options

CompBuilder 360 provides a comprehensive structure modeling facility for designing linear and curvilinear salary structures. Very little effort is needed, and the results can be viewed in either report or graph modes via menu selections.

Modeled structures can be loaded automatically into the CompBuilder 360 Salary Grade/Band Table.

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Additional Tables provided with CompBuilder 360 include Organization related tables, Job Classification, Region, Structure, Job Family, Job Level and Occupation Tables.

Additional Functions and Features include:

Model linear and curvilinear structures
Century aware date handling
A powerful report writer
Generate linear and curvilinear regression formula
Integrated Graphics for view of salary structures
Automatically build/update salary grades or bands

Automatically generate within Table Update Facility Grade or Band positional values for:

Annual, Monthly, Biweekly, Hourly
Minimum, Midpoint, Maximum
Quartiles, Terciles
Zones within Grades or Bands
Up to Twenty (20) steps per Grade/Band

CompBuilder 360 has a built-in facility to create/clone existing structures with multiplicative adjustments to all positional grade/band values

If the presentation graphics option is purchased, additional features include:

Two and Three Dimensional graph types
Rotation of graphs on X, Y, and Z planes in 3D
Resizing of Graphs
Rotation of Title position
Background/Variable Color changes
Row/Column Reversal
Spreadsheet Style Data Access
Saving of Graph Files with Data

The CompExec and CompBuilder 360 Professional Departmental Suite is now shipping which provides a Comprehensive Departmental wide Site License for installation of an unlimited number of copies of CompExec Professional and/or CompBuilder 360 Professsional across and entire Compensation or Human Resources Department. Also included in the Suite are Three(3) Two Year Regional Subscriptions to the CompGeo Online Professional 24 X 7 Online Salary Forecast Library - An Outstanding Value!

To order CompBuilder 360 Professional, Desktop and Server Editons visit The ICT/Clayton Wallis Compensation Software Online Order Page

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