Compensation, Salary Planning, Management and Analysis Software

ICT/Clayton Wallis specializes in providing the most flexible, powerful and comprehensive Compensation, Salary Planning, Management and Analysis Tools that integrate advanced database design, extensive statistical functionality and presentation quality graphics.

The flagship software product of ICT/Clayton Wallis since 1991 has been CompExec®.

This innovative and comprehensive Compensation Software Product is targeted for use by Compensation Executives, Human Resource, Finance Specialists, Managers, Administrators and other Professionals with responsibility in analysing market competitiveness across any combination of Total Compensation Management, Analysis and Planning.

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CompExec's features now include new CompGeo Pro Salary Survey Database SE with Expanded Major Occupation Group Coverage, new Analytical CompGeo Report Options and the latest release Of The OMF Market Based Job Evlauation System, Ability to Export all CompExec and CompBuilder 360 Reports in HTML Format with automatic Browser Launch to view the report in HTML.

Also inclued in CompExec v6 are improved CompBuilder 360 Structure Modeling options, improved Multi-Session Option(MSO), built-in Simultaneous Update capability(SU), expanded HTML output options for reports, improved Windows XP/VDM support and more...

CompExec's related software products, have been built from the ground up with Advanced Decision Support Software Tools and designed to function as complete Compensation Data Marts.

CompExec is the only Compensation Planning System built from the ground-up with support for Century Date Aware Sensitivity across the database system.

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CompExec's functions have been designed for the Serious Compensation Executives and Professionals. CompExec's advanced and integrated platform provide excellent tools for Planning, Management and Analysis by Compensation Executives, Managers and Professionals.

For software reviews on CompExec visit The Electric Library and enter search text 'CompExec'.

CompExec provides facilities for:

Competitive Total Compensation Survey Analysis
Market Based Job Evaluation
Salary Structure Modeling and Management
Position Classification Plan Management
And Much More...

CompExec has been designed from the ground up to support Total Compensation Segmentation, Century-Aware Date Sensitivity, Multiple Organizations within the same database, simulation, aging, optional adjusters, analytical results retention and a wide range of other advanced features not found in any other commercially available system. [Order CompExec Now]

CompExec provides the best integration of Powerful Database Structure, Advanced Statistics and Presentation Quality Graphics available today.

No other integrated compensation software system has CompExec's flexibilities in meeting needs of small to the most complex organizations - both public and private.

Features that apply to both CompExec Professional and CompExec Desktop include:

Total Compensation Analytical Support
Advanced Market Based Job Evaluation
Script Writer Facility
Survey Data Import Option
Ability to auto-build Zones within Salary Bands
Linear Salary Structure Modeling
Curvilinear Salary Structure Modeling
Cascading insert and updates
Comprehensive Internal Staff Tables
Powerful Survey Statistic Processing Options

A chart comparing the features of CompExec Professional vs. CompExec Desktop is available.

CompExec's Web support features include HTML output options for certain reports and new Publish Direct To The Web technology for the reports with the HTML output option.

The CompExec and CompBuilder 360 Professional Departmental Suite is now shipping which provides a Comprehensive Departmental wide Site License for installation of an unlimited number of work station copies of CompExec Professional and/or CompBuilder 360 Professional across and entire Compensation or Human Resources Department. Also included in the Suite are Regional Subscriptions to the CompGeo Online Professional 24 X 7 Online Salary Forecast Library - An Excellent Value!.

CompExec's Professional Edition includes support and updates to CompBuilder 360 SE and CompGeo SE. With CompGeo SE modeling of linear and curvilinear salary structures is easy and CompGeo SE includes a subset of the CompGeo Online Database along with the CompGeo SE Geographic Salary Differential Analysis facility.[Order CompExec Now]

CompExec's facilities provides unmatched tools for Competitive Survey Analysis of all components of Total Compensation, Geographic Differential Studies, Market Based Job Evaluation, Performance/Reward Analysis, Classification Management, Linear and Curvilinear Salary Structure(traditional and banded) Modeling and Development and Long Range Planning.[Order CompExec Now]

CompExec, CompBuilder 360 , CompExec, CompBuilder 360 and related products are very competitively priced and DO NOT require extensive companion consulting arrangements or special relationships like other Compensation Planning, Management and Analysis Software.

To order CompExec or CompBuilder 360 visit ICT/Clayton Wallis Compensation Software Online Secure Order Page

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